Good Egg

The Latke Commandments

TEN Thou shalt not add add salt until latke are fully cooked, lest water may leach and make them soggy.
NINE Zucchini may not be added in place of potato. Sweet potato in moderation, a bit of parsnip is nice, but zucchini is too watery for g-d’s pancakes.
EIGHT Fat-free sour cream is a sin.
SEVEN So is not eating sour cream with latke. Sour cream is holy.
SIX Apple sauce must be unsweetened, preferably homemade. This is not dessert, people.
FIVE There is no reason not to eat latke year round, but it’s inadvisable.
FOUR Make sure not to wear cashmere while frying latke. Or linen, silk, or anything rubberized.
THREE Do not attempt to share latke with people you don’t like. Someone will not share well.
TWO Good things to serve after latke are stews, a nutritious salad, a soup made with vegetables and or/meat, like pistou or oxtail, borscht is nice too.
ONE Latke are to be eaten straight from the pan

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